1. You can translate any page by clicking on the word [Translate] below the title of a page.

2. You can double-click on almost any word on a page to see the definition or hear the pronunciation of that word. To hear the pronunciation of a word, first double-click on the word to get the definition. Then on the definition page, click on the speaker icon next to the word. If you don’t hear the word, check that your speakers are working properly.

For better understanding, do the following:

1.  Prepare yourself for the topic before you watch the video.

Read the title.

Look at the pictures on the page.

Look at the video picture.

Think about what you already know about this topic.

Are you familiar with this topic? Do you use it? Do you do something similar? Have you heard other people talk about this subject? Do you like this topic? Why? Do you dislike this topic? Why?

2.  Play the video. Watch it and listen to it several times without reading the transcript. While watching and listening, think about the answers to the following questions:

Where is the video taking place?

Who is the speaker?

What is the speaker doing?

What emotion does the speaker show?

What words does the speaker emphasize?

3.  Take the quiz to check your understanding.

4.  Do the exercises. Exercise 1 is a gap-fill exercise. Some words are missing from the video text. You need to type the missing words. Exercise 2 is a different gap-fill exercise. In this exercise, approximately every twelfth word is missing. You need to type the missing words.

5.  Play the video again while reading the transcript. To see the definition or hear the pronunciation of a word, see the Notes section above.

6.  Play the video. Pause the video often and try to repeat what the speaker said. To hear the pronunciation of a specific word, see the Notes section above.

7.  Do the quiz and exercises again if you are not satisfied with your previous results.

8.  For extra fun and practice, do the puzzles.

9.  Please feel free to write a comment at the bottom of a page. Other Coopos users may be very interested in your message. To leave a comment, you must first register as a member. Registration is free.

10.  Choose another video to watch and listen to. You can search for related videos by typing a key word in the search box at the top of each page.

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