Benefits of Coopos

Coopos can help you in many ways if you use it regularly and often. Watch and listen many times to the videos. Try to understand what the people are saying. Learn and practice the vocabulary. Read the articles. Take the quizzes and do the activities. Ask questions. Participate in the forums.

The more you use Coopos, the more fun you will have and the more you will learn.

Some of the ways Coopos can help you are:

  • Improve your listening skills
  • Understand spoken English
  • Understand American culture
  • Understand why Americans do things
  • Improve your pronunciation
  • Learn vocabulary
  • Learn special expressions
  • Learn idioms

For work:

  • Improve interview skills
  • Improve your score on English tests such as TOEIC
  • Communicate better with colleagues, employees, supervisors, suppliers, business partners
  • Communicate better on business trips

For marketing and product development:

  • Understand what Americans like and how they think
  • Understand what Americans need

At school:

  • Improve interview skills
  • Improve your score on English tests such as TOEFL
  • Understand your professors in university lectures
  • Improve your class scores

At home:

  • Help your children with their homework
  • Talk to your child’s teacher

For fun:

  • Understand movies and television
  • Satisfy intellectual curiosity
  • Laugh at the strange things Americans do
  • See how Americans are the same as you
  • See how Americans are different from you
  • Help you while traveling

Living and traveling in the USA:

  • Eliminate misunderstandings
  • Eliminate stress of not knowing something
  • Gain confidence to try new things and visit new places
  • Understand how and where to shop
  • Understand how to buy a house or insurance
  • Understand holidays and celebrations
  • Help you to fit in
  • Help you to make friends
  • Help you to have fun and enjoy life

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