Welcome to Coopos

Hello. Thank you for coming to my website. I made this website for you, for all of you trying to learn English and for all of you trying to figure out how to live in the United States.

I have taught English for many years and during that time I’ve had many requests for information about American culture. I’ve also received many requests for listening practice, so I decided to combine these two requests and the result is this website. I hope you like it.

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What is Coopos?

Coopos is a website for learning English while learning about American culture.

Coopos can help you improve your English listening skills immediately. With practice, you can greatly increase your understanding of spoken English.

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Benefits of Coopos

Coopos can help you in many ways if you use it regularly and often. Watch and listen many times to the videos. Try to understand what the people are saying. Learn and practice the vocabulary. Read the articles. Take the quizzes and do the activities. Ask questions. Participate in the forums.

The more you use Coopos, the more fun you will have and the more you will learn.

Some of the ways Coopos can help you are:

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There are many ways to use Coopos. You can try a few methods to see what is best for you. To read some suggestions about how to use Coopos, please see the Instructions page.

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